Another Introduction...

Travis S Casey casey at
Thu Jun 5 12:00:17 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

I suppose it's high time I introduced myself, now that I'm actually
finding time to post to the list... :-)

My name's Travis Casey.  Many of you have undoubtedly seen posts from
me on rgm.admin, lp, and diku, though I haven't been active for a
while.  I keep the FAQ for (see my sig for the URL)
and was the original maintainer of the alt.vampyres FAQ as well.

My gaming experience goes back to 1980, when I first started playing
D&D/AD&D (I wasn't too sure of the difference then... of course, at
that point, TSR wasn't either).  I've been involved with pencil-and-
paper RPGs ever since, usually as a GM.

My first mud experience was with what I think must have been a Tiny
variant in '89... it only stayed up about two weeks, though, since
the people running it were using an illegal account.  I started 
really mudding on the MudDog LP in '93.  I played there for about
a year, then got out.  About a year later, I became a wizard on
the SWmud LPmud almost by accident -- I met one of the co-creators
in a computer lab and asked about the mud he was messing around on.
I've been with SW ever since -- those who have been there may know
me as Striker.

I'm working on developing a cyberpunk mud on and off, and have done
a tiny bit of work on the Lima LP mudlib.  

On the RL side, I work as a Unix sysadmin, am married to a nurse,
and have two cats.  Children are planned for later -- we're 
practicing with the cats first.  We've just bought and moved into
a house, so most of my free time these days is spent unpacking.  :-)
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