[MUD-Dev] Learning

Ling K.L.Lo-94 at student.lut.ac.uk
Thu Jun 5 16:46:00 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Wed, 4 Jun 1997, Todd Lair wrote:

> We as a race progress very slowly even with massive amounts of exposure,
> teaching, books, socializing.. and such.  It took us practically *forever*

We don't have any other races to compare with, for all we know, we could
be the fastest learning species in the universe.  (petty mode here :)

> before we figured out that we could stay in one place, put a seed in a
> ground, and have something to eat if we cared for what came of it.   Most
> of us simply take what others have done and add small, almost
> insignificant, advances to it.  The brilliant few of us make somewhat
> significant advances based on other's work.
> We need books, we need others, we need teachers.  No one has taught
> themselves jack.

There's also the 'I've seen this done' factor.  I saw the village next
door build bows out of branches, I know it's possible and I will try, even
if it's going to kill me (I think I'm restating the above).

Now, how do you translate to mud?  (enuff of talk, let's see some
implementation! :)

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