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On Thu, 5 Jun 1997 19:49:58 PST8PDT, Nathan Yospe <yospe at hawaii.edu>

>Bullshit. Had to be said. There is nothing exceptionally special about


>There is NO justification for this degree of
>seperatism. Elitism sucks, and I have never seen anyone who claimed that
>Tinys were not muds who didn't suffer from a healthy dose of elitism.

Excuse me. I was stating, and I think this was lost somewhere, that both
types of server did certain things very well and other things rather
badly. Somehow this turned into a Tiny vs. everything else war, and that
is NOT what I intended. I have absolutely no interest in some server
against server holy war, because I got over that bullshit when I was
about 15. It's sort of like the Windows/Mac wars. Nobody really gives a
shit, you're going to use what you want.

My POINT, which I am going to restate here, is that an RP-centered
environment is more easily created on a MUSH (read Tiny) than on a MUD
(read whatever the hell you like). A system-centered environment, on the
other hand, is more easily created on a MUD than a MUSH. (Tiny doesn't
even have a dice rolling facility. Imagine that.) I was trying to
present my own personal thoughts on what potential areas we could
address to change this.

I'm not sure whether we can even discuss this here. Evidently it's not
acceptable to say that the vast majority of MUDs just may conceivably
possibly need a little bit of work on the interface and command
structure instead of flash-bang gee-whiz systems that can model the path
of every single atom in the world all at the same time and simulate
nuclear winter. But I was under the impression that we *did* have an
ongoing thread about RP versus powergaming, and I wanted to try and turn
it toward something that might have a productive result.

So much for that idea.

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