[RP] The thoughful player

Jeff Kesselman jeffk at tenetwork.com
Fri Jun 6 13:44:41 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

I'ld like to throw another example out.. kind fo countr example.. to make
the player/character differentioation clear.

One fo my favorite other players played a charatcer in a game I played in
awhile back whose goal was to acquire wealth (for more then the obviosu
reasons, it was a very strong thing from his abckground.) he was a 100%

Nonetheless he always found ways to make that money without seriosuly
backstabbing anyone orscrewing them up.  He DID manage to skim the vast
majority oif the treasure (whe he died they found about 60,000 gop worth of
gems and the like on him, in  a game wher I considered msyelf rich with a
few hundred in my pocket.)

The key here was, that whielk yo ucoudl argue he acted against the
intreests of the other characters, at least to a degree, he weas the only
seriously mercenasy character in the group and he made sure one way or the
other the other members never suffered seriously for lack of funds.. the
armor was kept up, everyoien always had a place to sleep.. etc..

While persuing selfish CHARACTER motivations he nonetheless was always
concerend that the other players were having a good time.  Leonard is, in
short, one of the msot thoughtful people I know.  he DOES tend to play very
selfish characters as an enjoyable release, but he never lets it harm the
others good time.  Quite to the contrary, hes always a joy and a welcome
addition to any game.


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