Caliban Tiresias Darklock caliban at darklock.com
Fri Jun 6 13:44:53 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Adam Wiggins wrote:

> I would, however, just like to state for the record that I could care less
> about codebase wars.  I started to realize that Caliban's comments
> were actually MUSH-vs-Diku propaganda.  

No... that's what you turned them into. 

They were not intended that way. I'm not sure how they became that, but
I tried very hard not to make *any* specific statements about *any*
specific codebase until I was *explicitly* asked to clarify my terms and
give specific examples, which more or less required me to select
codebases to use by way of example. Furthermore, when I selected SMAUG
and TinyMUSH, I specifically disclaimed any intent to say that either
codebase was better or worse than the other, because THIS IS EXACTLY THE
INTERPRETATION I WAS TRYING TO AVOID. It didn't work, of course, but
that's hardly my fault, so back up and think a minute on that.

It's interesting that when I tried to avoid using specific commands in
order to avoid disparaging any codebase in particular, it was dismissed
as 'gibberish'. That's true; it *was* gibberish, because I didn't want
to specifically attack any codebase, which meant that I couldn't use
specific command syntax applicable only to one codebase. I therefore
used various garbled words to indicate the complexity of the command
structure without any identification of the codebase. Since it was so
easily dismissed with requests to be more clear, I chose a codebase,
demonstrated my concerns, and now... I'm accused of disparaging Diku in
favor of Tiny. 

This is just plain childish. "Let's say you have two colors..." "Like
what?" "Uh, red and blue." "Haven't you ever heard of yellow? And what's
wrong with blue anyway? You just like red. You dork. Colors are colors."
Give it a rest, people. The point of the thread has been lost at this
point. I expected that people *here*, in an obviously intelligent group,
Evidently not. 

With regard to propaganda, if you don't want the answer, don't ask for
it. Yes, I prefer Tiny to most other codebases. Yes, when asked to
contrast Tiny to another codebase, the other codebase -- *whatever* it
is -- will likely come out on the losing end, even if just from the
standpoint of the language I use to present it. On the other hand, I
admit without reservation that there are many things Tiny does *not* do
well, and many things it does not do at *all*, and many areas in which
the server and its attendant features can be improved. 

Unfortunately, people seem to be quite easily incensed at any treatment
of the areas in which most MUDs are lacking. I'm not sure what this
means; while I can stand up and say that Tiny has some problems and
lacks a lot of functionality that MUDs do very well, attempting to state
the converse seems to be tantamount to heresy. 

Call your damnable hunt. We shall see who I drag screaming to hell with

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