[MUD-Dev] Genuinely brief intro

Dr. Cat cat at eden.com
Mon Jun 9 22:16:22 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Hi.  I've been playing computer games since I saw one of the first 
multiplayer graphic online dungeon games on the Plato network in the 
1970s.  Nobody called it a MUD 'cause Bartles and Trubshaw hadn't made MUD 
yet.  :X)  I've been online pretty steadily since I got my first modem in 
1980, on commercial online services, BBSes, the Internet, wherever.  I've 
been writing computer games professionally since 1982, and am best known 
for the work I did on several of the titles in the Ultima series.  I 
programmed the graphic muds DragonSpires and Furcadia 
(www.realtime.net/furcadia) from scratch, client and server both.  Right 
now I am working at TimeSink (www.timesink.com) for one of the founders 
of the Internet, as lead programmer on a game designed by Brian Moriarty.

I have lots of opinions about lots of things but I'll probably mostly 
keep quiet all the time because I'm usually way too busy and subscribed 
to a few more mailing lists than I have time for.

      -- Dr. Cat

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