[MUD-Dev] web archive for MUD Design List ?

Dmitri Kondratiev dima at paragraph.com
Tue Jun 10 01:40:27 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

At 12:43 PM 6/9/97 -0700, clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:
>In < at dream.paragraph.com>, on 06/06/97 
>   at 08:25 AM, Dmitri Kondratiev <dima at paragraph.com> said:
>>Is an html archive of this list available anyware on the web ?
>No.  Such will not be available prior to the list going public.
>Monthly archives are however available by request from me (soon to be
><<CC'ed to Dmitri as he's since unsub'ed from the list>>

Thanx for answering my question. Some kind of browserable archive would be
very helpful. Otherwise huge data flow on MUD Design list makes it hard to
List digest  would help also. I still hope to catch up with the list with
some more spare time I expect in the next month and with the help of archive
of course :) How can I get this ?


Dmitri Kondratiev
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