[MUD-Dev] Genuinely brief intro

Dr. Cat cat at eden.com
Tue Jun 10 10:31:42 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> Just friendly note.. with you doing stuff for Mpath and me working for TEN,
> we should probably hang back on what we say about our own projects from
> this point out on this list.

Well, I don't see any reason I should say any less about my work here 
than I would in any public forum.  If you thought I might say *more* here 
than I would in a public forum, well, thanks for the warning, but I wasn't 
about to anyway.  I just got here and I don't even know you guys!

I should clarify that I am doing games "for" TimeSink, and TimeSink has a 
contract or two with Mpath to run them on their service.  TimeSink is an 
entirely independent company, not owned by Mpath or anything like that.  
There are of course non-disclosure agreements and such between the two 
companies which I can't violate.

I must say in general, game companies keeping so many secrets is a minor 
annoyance to me - I'm positive that 98% of the stuff they insist on 
keeping secret has no need to be kept secret, and would do them no 
financial damage were it to be leaked to the whole world.  I guess people 
in management need their little hobbies to keep them occupied.

Anyway the stuff I'm most interested in talking about are design issues 
as opposed to the "precious" technology ideas that most people that build 
games are so obsessed with, especially programmers.  And after only a 
month at Epicenter, I think most of my interesting comments about any 
work I've done would be about DragonSpires and Furcadia anyway, which I 
could tell you anything I wanted about or even post a complete version of 
the source code.  (I won't, but I could!)  And of course, as I said in my 
intro, I'm really not going to say much of anything here because I'm much 
too busy.  This message here can be my big "contribution" for the summer, 
and I guess I managed to successfully avoid saying anything really useful 
in it.  :X)

Anyway thanks for the warning, even though I didn't really need it.  Hope 
things go well for you at TEN, and say hi to Dan Goldman for me the next 
time you see him.  He might be interested to hear where I ended up this 
year.  :X)

   -- Dr. Cat

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