[MUD-Dev] Room-based vs. coordinate-based

Miroslav Silovic silovic at srce.hr
Thu Jun 12 10:19:42 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> >This is where we break from
> >the  very very very very very bad practice of MOO, where object
> >containment was built into the server.  
> Cool, ColdX, Interlude, and LP do this -- its probably the first thing
> I changed as a design principle when I looked at them as models.

Cold doesn't do that, actually. Locations are handled by the core (MOO
had to do them on the server side, because command parsing was done
by the server, so it had to hook to object locality).

I'm working on R-tree based rooms (but I suspect I'll have to move my
current R-tree implementation into the driver, since it's both complex
and critical).


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