[MUD-Dev] Name/language generation

Brandon Cline brandon at merlin.sedona.net
Thu Jun 19 02:24:35 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Oliver Jowett wrote: 

> I have a sneaking suspicion that I've seen discussion on this before, but 
> FWIW..
> I'm slowly setting up a system where some NPCs (not the major ones, and
> not the minor - ie. animal-level - ones) are generated with unique names,
> physical characteristics, and personalities. As part of this I need some
> way to generate random names or words in a specific language. 

Hmm, instead of using an "english" dictionary as a seed for word
modification, which would end up with a greater amount of random non-name
like words than what you probably want, you could set up a scheme for name
generation depending on language.  A typical scheme defining common name
prefixes or suffixes, begining letters, ending letters, depending on sex
possibly, and then internal vowl composition and general length.  After
you have a "scheme" you could then apply a generator that would "follow
the scheme."  This scheme of course would be related to the language of
the names origin, but would mean you wouldn't actually have to come up
with a whole language, just the scheme for which it follows.  
   It would be hard to use english as an example scheme because of mix of
schemes it has intruduced from other languages.  
  As an example though, say a simple grunt language of primitive goblins or 
some such, and think of how they might come up with names from a primitive

Goblin language:
 Name length typically short, one-two syllable.
 Prefixes and suffixes typically harsh sounding, Rk (Rr-ck), Gk (Gh-ck)...
 Female names typified by extra consonnant pronunciation, sss, lll
 and internal composistion using deep, or long vowl sounds, uu, au, eu

Example names:

This is just an example of course, doesn't look that great, but trying to
get my point about a "scheme" for a language or name, which would make it
easier in the end to come up with names, or even words for the language.

Brandon L. Cline
brandon at sedona.net

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