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On Wed 18 Jun, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:

> On Tue, 17 Jun 1997 20:43:09 PST8PDT, Martin Keegan <martin at cam.sri.com>
> wrote:

I'm sorry that you're so bitter about a discussion on this list.
Like you said you can't do it right with everybody, but I hope
you don't take it personally if somebody disagrees with you, no
matter how forcibly.
Personally I don't mind a great deal if you call them mu*, muds
or mushes. In fact I usually try to describe them rather than use
a name because that tends to generete the least confusion. If you
call them muds, mu* or whatever; well, everybody on this list is
smarter than me and we all should be able to figure out what you
are talking about at any given moment regardless what name you
use for a game.

> C'est la vie. I haven't said much since. Haven't really had a lot to
> say. My opinions and views certainly aren't valued here, as I obviously
> don't have enough spare time on my hands to study two dozen different
> server architectures.

everybody's opinions is valued. Even mine (I hope)

> No, I don't have a new server I'm designing, or testing, or planning.
> All I really have is an interest in how the end product works from a
> player perspective.

Which I belief is a subject that should be discussed more, regardless
of what kind of game is being created.

> I thought that's what this community was about. But I'll shut up now.

For me it is.

Yes - at last - You. I Choose you. Out of all the world,
out of all the seeking, I have found you, young sister of
my heart! You are mine and I am yours - and never again
will there be loneliness ...

Rolan Choosing Talia,
Arrows of the Queen, by Mercedes Lackey

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