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Fri Jun 20 04:54:33 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997 20:35:29 PST8PDT, Adam Wiggins
<nightfall at inficad.com> wrote:

>Most everyone
>here is either writing their own codebase from scratch, or interested
>in completely new kinds of muds.  Therefore, of what use to us is
>prattling on about why thus-and-such codebase sucks, and why thus-and-such
>codebase rules?

None whatsoever, which is why I didn't do that. We had this thread about
powergaming as opposed to roleplaying, which of course went to hell in a
handbasket, so I tried to make it into something constructive by saying
'here we have a group of servers that does this part well, and here we
have a group that does that part well, so why not look at the
possibility of doing something that combines the natural strengths of
the two types, a sort of hybrid server?'

This would be a completely new kind of mud that someone or other would
need to develop from scratch. Which places it quite squarely on subject,
if anyone would sit down and respond to the QUESTION instead of the

There's a lot of talk here about internals, and next to no talk about
what finally ends up on the screen when a user logs on. The user is
different now. He's not as likely to be a CompSci major at a university
as he is to be a twelve year old kid sitting at his dad's computer. But
we're not discussing ways to make the game more accessible to a wider
variety of users. I think that's a pretty big mistake. 

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