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[JCL replying to CTD]
> <<This is list is NOT the r.g.m.* newsgroups.>>

That's right. r.g.m.* has arrived at a working compromise.

> >...'THESE do combat well and THOSE do immersive roleplay
> >well so why don't we take a look at them and see how we can come up
> >with a hybrid that does both well?'... I thought that was a pretty
> >good question, but I just caught a bunch of flak for it. 
> It is a good question, and one I'd like to see taken a *lot* further. 
> How about a general post outlining what you see as the basic strengths
> and definitional features of an RP server and a combat server with
> possibly some talker aspects thrown in?  I wish I had time to join in
> right now...

Absolutely - I keep trying to tell the guy (Caliban) that as long as he
insists that Unix is a MUSH then people are going to criticise HOW he's
saying what he's saying, instead of listening.

As I see it, some mud servers preclude the possibility of muds as a medium
of artistic expression. When I was telling some Dikuhead that very few
people "got" Island (in the sense of "grokked" or "understood") he said
"It's a mud - what's there to get?". Obviously, Tinybrains (*) understand
muds as art at a deep level, whereas players of other sorts view this as

> >I thought that's what this community was about. But I'll shut up now.
> It is.  We're just having hiccups.

:starts a religious war over the spelling of hiccough. ;)


(*) I don't know where the terms Dikuheads, Tinybrains, Mordorers and
LPeers came from - I think I just evolved them.

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