[MUD-Dev] Alright... IF your gonan do DESIESE...

Alex Oren alexo at bigfoot.com
Sun Jun 22 13:21:43 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Adam wrote:
} The original topic was
} 'uncontrolable forces in the game world which may pose incredible danger
} to players' and then the question that spawned was, 'how to keep that
} in check?'  Here's where (as usual) realism comes in handy.  If you have
} dragons be these intensely powerful creatures that are magically sustained
} and incredibly evil, to the point that they spend 100% of their time cruising
} around toasting anything that moves, your game probably won't play very
} well.  The simplest way to reduce the destructive power of a dragon, of
} course, is to assume that it only hunts when it is hungry. The discusion
} of animal size came up when deciding whether or not a dragon would actually
} go after humanoids (which usually include most players) first, or if
} there is something else they'd prefer to snack on.

Lower the aggressiveness factor of the dragon but keep it nearly invincible.
Then, periodically, have a dragon steal an item crucial to the mudding society
(say, something needed to train characters, etc.)
Now players will be forced to go after the dragon...

Have fun,

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