[MUD-Dev] Supporting RP+PG

Huibai ashen at pixi.com
Sun Jun 22 19:20:42 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Thanks Caliban and Jeff for your comments.
Here are my plans already:

- hiding all statistics. (HP,skills,levels,etc.)
  health is a graphic % bar.  they've got no idea
  what their absolute points are, only how hurt
  out of the whole.
- therefore no players should notice advancement,
  which is incredibly minor anyway (2-3 hp).  with
  stats less on their mind, hopefully they turn their
  play attention to:
- political system (nobles/leaders have power to
  influence the builders of their areas to make
  at least cosmetic changes.
- games within the mud.  there is a computer-
  controlled hexapawn player, plus a chessboard
  for player games, plus a couple other intellect
  games (ACRO-nym) for groups.
- quests are not required for anything, but they
  will add to player abilities (improve language
  skills, increase popularity with NPcharacters).
- since all-out RPers can hop into bodies, i'll
  encourage them to deal with 'assholes' in-theme

:>In bars and taverns, however, all race languages are 100% 

perhaps I'll limit this only to the game rooms, then, leaving
bars and taverns for casual conversation with normal langs.

ambitious, yes - I want to see it work.  if it doesn't, it 
doesn't, but I've got to try again...

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