[MUD-Dev] Alright... IF your gonan do DESIESE...

Alex Oren alexo at bigfoot.com
Mon Jun 23 08:36:22 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Matt wrote:

} I'm working on tying a reputation system into gameplay on caffeine
} (something like the idea of alignment) - it depicts notoriety (is that
} spelt right or not, I have no dictionary to hand), and a few other minor
} issues. It's modified negatively for being *caught* and *judged* for
} commiting a crime (your reputation doesnt suffer if you evade capture),
} and positively for completing a quest, which the public hear about and
} appreciate your efforts in (also negatively if the quest does them harm,
} for instance collecting taxes for an evil sherrif).
} Whether it is + or -, once the number is high (using the concept that -10
} is MORE negative than -5, and thus a higher negative number) enough,
} people begin to hear of you outside the area where you are doing these
} deeds (it's stored by place you do stuff.. with a global total which rises
} VERY slowly), and will treat you asuch. Slighly negative reputation -
} they'll be nasty to you if they're good folk, very negative, and they
} might fear you, and be somewhat subservient. It's all about power.

Interesting.  Although it doesn't have to be "all about power".  There can be
several issues that the system can keep track of (good/evil, lier/trustworthy,

The reputation system can be integrated with other ideas that were discussed on
this list, such as rumor propagation and law-enforcing mobiles.


A newbie logs into the MUD, approaches Bubba and asks him a question.
Bubba grins evilly and beheads the hapless newbie.
This was "witnessed" by a beggar mobile, who gets up and heads to the police
station.  En route, he passes near a fishmonger mobile and passes the rumor.
Meanwhile, Bubba runs to the police station, ambushes the beggar and kills him.
Unfortunately, a city-guard (too tough for Bubba to handle) stopped at the fish
stall, heard the rumor and is now entering the police station.
A couple of hours later, a "wanted" poster with Bubba's description will be
posted outside the station, offering a nice reward.  If Bubba's reputation was
very bad, there will be a price on his head.

Makes for a nice system for policing PK.

Apart from rumors and "wanted" lists there are other possibilities:

* Bards singing the praise of Boffo the dragonslayer of Biffy the newbie 

* Guild quests centered on reputation.  "Go forth an bring me the left ear of
  the most evil person in Ankh-Morpork" (which may be a mobile or a player at
  the time).

* Deliberately spreading false rumors.  "I saw Humperdink kill two dragons and
  an elderly lady!" (which may mark you as a liar if you are caught, depending 
  on the trustworthiness attribute of the challenger).

* Tour guides.
  Newbies could hire tour guides that will show them around the city and explain

  the various prominent features.  "Now here is the temple of the gods of 
  Lankhmar, you *don't* want to go there...  Oh, wait!  See the guy walking 
  across the street?  He is the famous Fafhrd, who killed two dragons and an 
  elderly lady!"

* Changing character description based on their reputation, skills and 
Bubba arrives.
> look at Bubba.
Bubba is a tall, dark-haired male with brown eyes. [player chosen description]
He is wearing elven chainmail over a soiled tunic and wields a longsword.
He has a tatoo of an octopus on his right forearm. [guild membership?]
He looks quite strong but a bit clumsy.  [attributes, perceptance check?]
He has a sadistic twinkle in his eye that makes you uncomfortable. [reputation,

Comments?  Ideas?

Have fun,

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