Pen-and-paper and Computer-based systems

Alex Oren alexo at
Mon Jun 23 11:50:44 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Jeff wrote:
} At 06:17 PM 6/22/97 GMT, J Lambert wrote:
} >The Gurps basic system is also a good model of general rules with no
} >thematic assumptions.  I don't care much for it, but its a good
} >model that makes no assumptions outside of basic interactions.  It
} >has very nice plug-and-play extensions (tm).  
} >
} >I have never given Hero a look.  
} Okay, some quick info to give you a jump here 9and for anyoen else
} inetrested in these things)...

[Aside: Jeff, please try to spellcheck your postings.  My imperfect command of
English combined with your unorthodox spelling makes reading your messages a
hard and confusing experience.]

} GUROPS and Hero atytempt teh same thing from opposite sides.

[An excellent explanation snipped]

There are lots of pen-and-paper RPG systems out there.  Some are more adaptable
to Computer-based systems then others.

} NOTE: For those doing commercial projects-- Steve Peterson at hero games is
} hoping to make soem money off of licensing Fuzion as a rules base for
} games, so hes not going to be real happy if you use his system without
} askign him (even though game rules are not really protectable under
} copyrigth law).

If somebody wants to take a look at free (more or less) systems, try

At the moment, I don't have the free time <sigh> to evaluate the systems, but
I'd be very happy if somebody does...

} >> I'd say you played pen and paper with very uninventive people.  I defy you
} >> to describe to me something on a  MUD I could not run as an adventure just
} >> about ANY FRP system I chose.
} >
} > I find these last statements to be presumptuous.  I've been on the list 
} Well thats fair. I found YOUR hand waving dismissal of Pen and Paper RPGs
} as presumptous.  We sow what we reap ,as a rule.

Noise Alert!
(Also known as "Captain, we have a signal degradation!")

Have fun,

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