[MUD-Dev] Alright... IF your gonan do DESIESE...

Matt Chatterley root at mpc.dyn.ml.org
Mon Jun 23 16:16:37 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Sun, 22 Jun 1997, Jeff Kesselman wrote:
> At 04:21 PM 6/22/97 PST8PDT, Matt Chatterly wrote:
[Snippage of Jon Lambert's post]

> >Hmm, perhaps if their stomach acids were a little different to ours, and
> This kind of approach has been well developed by Macaffrey in The
> Draongriders of pern series.
> Persoanlly, the approach ot Dragon's I liek best was in the fantasy sectio
> nopf the multi genre game TORG.  It developed it much furtherb then they
> did, but basicly dragons were elementals and inhearently magical.
> In a world of undead and such this seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Of course, this wraps it up brilliantly - it's a fantasy world, so
anything goes. Problems arise when game creators try to do things with
less use of "magic" as a frivolous excuse for "anything goes". Tieing
dragons to one elemental, and making them literally part of it is one good
way to go, plus the more "scientifically understandable" way seems mildly
popular, too. However you do it, they're still big, mean, and generally
unpleasant if you upset them. ;)

	-Matt Chatterley
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