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At 07:22 PM 6/25/97 PST8PDT,JCL wrote:
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>>On Thu 19 Jun, clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:
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>>> No.  What is missing is feedback.  Consider the case of a mayor of a
>>> city:
>>>   Excluding bugetary considerations (another, different feedback
>>> loop), he can promote as many beat cops as he wants to Sheriff or
>>> whatever other tin badge value he wants.  The reason he doesn't do
>>> this is that should those promoted not live up to the expectations
>>> engendered in their new positions the mayor will lose his job.  (And
>>> thus we get the idiocies of popularity-driven politics)  It is
>>> essentially a time-delayed feedback loop.  He can spend as much power
>>> as he wants on the beat cops -- but should the beat cops squander that
>>> power, the mayor loses it.
>>This is a wonderful idea.  Rank gives a player power,  but to use
>>that power she must employ others to carry that power. If those
>>others fail this reflects badly on the ranking player,  to the point
>>that she will lose some of her power (rank).
>A simple model:
>  Player characters can award each other "rank points" (RP).
>  Each player character is given (free) 1RP per day.

And, at least among my players, the abuser immediately start generating
massive numebrs of 'drone" characters maintainign them just long enough to
give their point to their leader, kil lthem off, and make another.

There are segments of my user population whose whole goal is to figure out
how to subvert and abuse anything systematic in the game.

Jeff kesselman

>  A player character with sufficient RPs can be automagically 
>  promoted to a high status position.
>  Maintaining a high status position costs a player character 
>  XXX RPs per day (automatic debit).
>  A player caharacter can promote other player characters to other
>  (lower) status positions.  
>  Such a promotion costs the appointing player a one time cost of 
>  YYY RPs.
>  The promoted player has his own daily RP cost for his position.
>  Should the high ranking player lose his position thru lack of 
>  RP's, all appointees will also lose their position as it they 
>  had failed to acquire enough RPs to maintain their own position.
>  A junior ranked player can still appoint sub-juniours with the 
>  same mapping as above.
>Ergo: To survive a high ranking player must persaude many many other
>players to give him their daily RPs so he can keep his position.  A
>high ranking player may appoint juniours who are then also in the same
>position, but can be required to funnel some portion of their
>collections to their appointer.  
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