[MUD-Dev] "short" Introductory Message (fwd)

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jun 25 23:48:22 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> From: clawrenc at cup.hp.com

This is very very very interesting.  It seems to be a nearly
fixed/finite pie of RPs.  Not quite fixed because it will
fluctuate with the number of players in the game.  Perhaps
it needs a bit of mathematical work to make it sound.

This reminds me of Diplomacy (one of my favorites).  Essentially 
players with the best leadership, cunning and persuasive powers 
will elevate themselves into leadership roles.  

This would seem to be a very easy way of engendering conflict,
drama, interest and produce player-run political/alliance 

I think this is a good start. I have some notes below.

> A simple model:
>   Player characters can award each other "rank points" (RP).
>   Each player character is given (free) 1RP per day.

Surely this must be at least 2RP per day.  One for Boffo and
one for Bubba.  Player characters might not want to keep all their
eggs in one basket.  

Q. Are there any other ways to obtain RPs and still keep the pool
relatively fixed?

>   A player character with sufficient RPs can be automagically 
>   promoted to a high status position.

Perhaps multiple players might contend and bid up the cost of
of entering position.

Q. Should the numbers of positions be fixed?  Can there only be
one city mayor?  Are we talking about a general or specific

>   Maintaining a high status position costs a player character 
>   XXX RPs per day (automatic debit).
>   A player caharacter can promote other player characters to other
>   (lower) status positions.  
>   Such a promotion costs the appointing player a one time cost of 
>   YYY RPs.
>   The promoted player has his own daily RP cost for his position.
>   Should the high ranking player lose his position thru lack of 
>   RP's, all appointees will also lose their position as it they 
>   had failed to acquire enough RPs to maintain their own position.

Oh.. the resulting chaos and struggle for control. 
>   A junior ranked player can still appoint sub-juniours with the 
>   same mapping as above.
> Ergo: To survive a high ranking player must persaude many many other
> players to give him their daily RPs so he can keep his position.  A
> high ranking player may appoint juniours who are then also in the same
> position, but can be required to funnel some portion of their
> collections to their appointer.  

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