[MUD-Dev] Levels and XP

Huibai ashen at pixi.com
Fri Jun 27 17:34:42 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

: Martin Keegan spake:
: Moreoever, the muds with N classes/races (where N is large)
: tend to have very bland systems, where class/race is just a
: stat modifier instead of permeating one's existence within the mud.

I have decided that 7 races each with 3 classes is plenty (though
3 of the races have 2 classes only).  Anything more, and I would
run completely out of _good_ ideas on what their distinctions are.

: IMO, if you're going to have distinct, strongly differentiated
: groupings of players, the choices between them should not
: be presented at creation time, but be presented as career
: moves during gameplay.

Each of the above has its own player object. (i.e. there are total
a possible 18 different player types running around, plus 1 RPC
soul and a godsoul - which is a highest-trust RPC).  Each player
type has his own command set, though naturally a large fraction
is common to all of races and classes.  You're simply limited to
what commands are in that body - which is a lot better than
making race and class a flag in one common player body, IMO.
The most vague of differences is listed upon choosing, although
a more detailed mention can be found in offline player help files.
Otherwise, players may choose another type upon death. :) Um,
they may help the gods determine their reincarnation, that is ;)

-John G. (off to spam Chris's server w/ flowing-english commands)

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