[MUD-Dev] common server design

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jun 27 23:30:20 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

And the answers are:

> Some interesting and "intuitive" implementations of file copying.
> 1)  open 15,8,15;print#15,"c0:fileb=filea";close 15
VIC20, C64 or C128
> 2)  cp filea fileb
> 3)  copy filea fileb
DOS, VMS, CMS, AmigaDOS and PDP-10 (I think) 
> 4)  pip fileb=filea
CP/M and most likely RSX  
> 5)  assign sysut1,dsn=filea,disp=old
>     assign sysut2,dsn=fileb,disp=new
>     exec iebgener
>     end

I have to give the 100 GPs to C. Gray since he came the closest
on 5), although Caliban was in the neighborhood with JCL. 

I think Caliban has a good point with the discussion involving 
"intuitive" and well designed user-interfaces.  Here is really 
where I am going with this...
Surely 2) or 3) above is the most user-friendly of the above commands. 
At least on the surface.  

There is one level of user interface we haven't discussed.  What about
the pop-up menu interface?  This is sort of a halfway point between the
command level and GUI level.  I think of Norton/Midnight Commander
as a good example of this (at least as a common reference point).  
Any thoughts on this level of user-interface?



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