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Marian Griffith gryphon at iaehv.nl
Sat Jun 28 23:08:29 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Thu 26 Jun, Shawn Halpenny wrote:

> I think it is feasible that some rudimentary false rumors could be
> started using ideas presented thus far.  Would it be as grand as
> everyone would like it to be?  I have my doubts, since the NPCs have
> no idea at all about the actual substance of the rumor.

The idea was that they don't need to.  That's what makes it a rumour
after all? You never know how much about it is truth and how much of
it is made up. They should base their reaction on how much the trust
the person telling them the rumour. If they do they likely accept it
as a true story.  If they don't they probably reject it. There is of
course also the minor issue of how gullible the listening npc(?) is.

> I will not, however, attempt to force the characters into acceptin
> what the system says about liking and disliking a person based on
> the rumors heard.  The decision to accept the substance of any rumor
> will rest solely with the person hearing it.

This goes almost without saying.

> There won't be any hidden stat associated with someone, e.g. you
> heard a nasty rumor about John so the system decides that next time you
> interact with John, the parameters of that interaction should be
> changed.

I was just pointing out how things work, even if you do not believe
something you hear about a person you still tend to be biassed some
by it, if only for a short time. For the inhabitants of the town it
should work the same way.

>  I believe if one uses an approach like that, then the entire
> point of false rumors is moot--why have a false rumor if the decision to
> believe/disbelieve it does not ultimately fall to the player?

For players yes. For the other characters in town it should be handled
in much the same way as believing and spreading rumours is handled.

> It's not that I think that's what you were saying above, but I'm just
> clearly stating that I think such issues are up to the players.

I agree completely. Otherwise, what's the point in having players at

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