[MUD-Dev] common server design

Cynbe ru Taren cynbe at laurel.actlab.utexas.edu
Sun Jun 29 13:44:48 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

| Jeff wrote:
| } >>4)  pip fileb=filea
| } >
| } >Hmm, looks familiar, but can't place it. Probably something I didn't do
| } >much work on.
| } 
| } CP/M, but CP/M stole it from a time sharing system (Dec system 10??)
| } 
| } PIP btw stands for Peripheral Interchange Program
| } 
| } I woudl have gottren all of the rest except JCL.
| J C Lawrence?
| Have fun,
| Alex.

Job Control Language.  IBM's excuse for an OS interface
for a long time.  Folklore says it was actually written
by the hardware team to test the beast, but the real
software product was so late it was finally quietly

As far as PIP... wrote one in RPG II for an IBM System/3 oncet :).
"Dec system 10" (i.e., TOPS-10 and its predecessors) certainly
had it, but PIP was also standard on RSX-11 and probably most of
the other PDP-11 OSes (RT-11, ...) and I expect they long predate
the PDP-10 hardware/software linage.

This threadlet prolly belongs on alt.folklore.computers, however. :)
I'll just note that the DEC machines were called PDP originally
because DEC wanted to avoid calling their little lab boxes
"computers" for fear of scaring away customers.  Honest, folks,
these are just leetle friendly programmable data processors,
nothing whatever to do with those giant Electronic Brains in
the movies!  Shades of things to come! :) :) :)

[ Background note:  I find the traffic on this list excessive for
  my available time;  I wind up skipping most of it.  Not a complaint,
  just an observation.  I also find the combat-oriented stuff
  irrelevant to my interests:  I'm more interested in cooperatively
  attacking real problems than synthesizing artificial problems.
  Again, just an observation, not a complaint.  But if this list
  were to bifurcate into combat-systems and server-systems lists,
  I'd be significantly more likely to contribute to the latter.
  BTW, I have a thick sheaf of R-Tree papers bequeathed me by a
  friend who did his PhD in the area, if anyone gets seriously
  interested in them... ]

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