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At 05:48 PM 6/30/97 PST8PDT, JC Lawrence wrote:
>In < at mail.tenetwork.com>, on 06/25/97 
>   at 08:44 AM, Jeff Kesselman <jeffk at tenetwork.com> said:
>>Better roleplay my eye, which on of us, truely in the situation,
>>would actually kill someone else becasue they said soemthing nasty to
>>us (or did soem other non-life threatening annoying act)?  None of us
>>who are reasonably sane....
>This would seem to depend on the world definition.  Given a world or a
>culture where life is pathetically cheap, then yes, I would expect it. 
>It seems presumptuous to automatically extend current social
>structures to the definition of RP.

Asolutely JCL!

Thing is, when I see these arguments they are always (and I DO mean always)
from people who are not playing the setting at all.  Generally, with
players who are competant enough role players to truely play the setting
these issues just never come up.  They are constructive players who do not
cause problems.

>Consider the very simple example of Heinleinian Puppet Masters (a
>model BTW for my body stealing).  For those that don't know these are

Pancakes that slapped Spock in the ass....

I assume you have seen the Blooper reel that has that one from the episode
they did that was based on Puppetmasters  ;)

Simialrly, if your entire concept is a HIghlander game, some people WILL be
getting their heads cut off at regualr intervals.  Neither of these really
invalidates what Iw as tryign to say though, maybe i just was not clear.


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