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>On Tue, 24 Jun 1997 clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:

>> >On Wed, 18 Jun 1997 clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:
>> >>   Bubba of house X got special object Y.
>> >> 
>> >>   Therefore it is reasonable for Boffo of house X to later have 
>> >>     Y despite being a newbie.
>> >> 
>> >> How about abilities gamed by players?  Did they cross reflect to other
>> >> members of the house?  I can also see this forming the basis of more
>> >> interesting clan and political battles.  

>No - the abilities don't pass round to other players. All the players
>in a house are separate entities, but they can share the benefits of
>their house. Most of them tend to be the same human anyway. A house
>is like a family.

Bubba Jones learns how to tie gordian knots.  Is it not reasonable
that Boffo Jones might have s horter learning curve at tieing gordian
knots, if not know it automatically (as taught by Bubba)?

>> >YES! The clan stuff gets interesting. Running more than one house
>> >will be disallowed, but if a house takes a newbie under its wing, and
>> >the newbie starts to grow strong, he may eventually take over the
>> >house when its original player leaves.
>> I can also see a lot of interest value if you allow houses to recruit
>> other players to be members of their house.  You then, by extension,
>> almost get the concept of a house as clan, with player characters as
>> actively sought after and even contested resource for houses.

>During the Eclipse discussions, this idea grew rapidly from a fun
>thought experiment to a raging monster that had to be tamed to
>prevent it from permeating every aspect of the game.

What *sort* of monster?  Lets have some details here...  I have a
suspicion that some would like that raging (and others flee like
curdled lemmings before the Great God GooGoo's flatulence).

>> This also opens the interesting spectre of a player character being a
>> member of two houses, or even an honourary member of non-primary

>The motivation for it was to deal with multi-charring, longevity and
>advancement. Once you have non-primary membership of other houses, it
>gets interesting.

Which was my thought.  You have just added implicit politics.  (Mix in
a Rank points system usch as I recently described and it could get
*really* interesting.)

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