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>On Wed, 25 Jun 1997, Jon A. Lambert wrote:

>My line on this was a thought experiment of a world where magical
>energy was made available to the world at a fixed rate, and was a
>shared resource. Whether the society adopts a dog-eat-dog or
>democratic system of managing the resource is just left to the

If you go back a ways in the archive you'll find a couple descriptions
of what I'mm looking at doing in the way of a macgic system.  Briefly
(I'll dig up the full bumpf if you want):

  Magic exists as mana.

  Mana occurs in two forms:  -ve and +ve (or black/white, whatever).

  Mana is particulate.

  Mana particles flow somewhat like a liquid.

  Mana attracts mana of opposite sign.

  Mana repells mana of like sign.

  Mana can be created by various activities (all very energy
expensive), and by various game functions.

  Mana is always created in equal quantities of -ve and +ve particles.

  When -ve and +ve mana meet, they mutually self-destruct.  There is
no net effect or energy return (currently).

  Magical objects consume mana of a particular sign (or ratio of

  Should there be insufficient mana for an object to consume, a
magical object will decay and self desctruct.

  Magic activities consumes mana of a specific sign (or ratio of
>> > A simple model:
>> > 
>> >   Player characters can award each other "rank points" (RP).
>> > 
>> >   Each player character is given (free) 1RP per day.
>> Surely this must be at least 2RP per day.  One for Boffo and
>> one for Bubba.  Player characters might not want to keep all their
>> eggs in one basket.  
>Hmm ... if I had this system, the houses would gain the RPs, rather
>than individual PCs.

This prevents a character from competing against members of his own
house (possibly as played by others).

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