[MUD-Dev] A simple political/social system?

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jul 2 00:07:07 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> > From: clawrenc at cup.hp.com
> > <<Diplomacy: A game that fascinates me, but also one I've never gotten
> > to play.>>
> >
Another interesting facet of Diplomacy is that there exists a strange
mix of RP and GP styles of play.  There is something about this game that 
allows both types to coexist, even thrive together.

I've included a few snippets of noise from past games:

Message to Turkey:

In a strange dream, the Sultan sees a compass with a large green arrow
spinning wildly, eventually coming to a rest slightly south of the East

All his advisors are baffled, but they agree that it is a sign of great
troubles to come. The Sultan is warned to tread carefully.
Broadcast message from Russia:

Russia notes with great dismay that Germany has declared war on the peace
loving leader and forces of the French Republic.  The Russian people are
sympathetic to the French, and vow to offer as much support and military
aid as is possible, until the last German Soldier and sailor are disarmed.

Tsar Nick
Broadcast message:

It seems that the Germans reject one of the fundamentals of a democratic
society:  a secret ballot.  In the true spirit of the despot, the evil
that walks the capital of Germany wishes to railroad our gentle Russian
brothers who have been needlessly attacked by German murderers, with the
aid of English traitors.  Both have, as well, attempted to kill innocent 
French citizens, who only wanted to live in peace and cooperation.

The court of world opinion will judge them both in the years to come as
they maim and kill other innocents.

The Grey Ghost
Message from Italy to Turkey 

It seems we are nicely placed to fight the Austrian, if that is
what you'd like to do, but we need to stop building fleets. I'd
like to take tri with my army after which I can support you
into Ser. This is just preliminary but i would definitely like
to work with you. Is there any possibility that we can form an
alliance? - not just a peace treaty, but an actual alliance is
what I want, which would involve my building armies, not fleets!
Message from Turkey to Germany:

How about A BER S A TYR - MUN just for fun.
It might stand him off in Mun if he tries Mun-Ber.
I suspect Kie - Ber anyhow.
Message from Turkey to Italy:

Where do you want my support in GOL or WES? Or do you want to
try Wes - Naf  with me attempting Tys - Wes?


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