[MUD-Dev] Level abstractions - Realism vs Game Issues

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>	Mana is irrelevant. You cast a spell, and that spell's skill
>	drops to 0. Depending on the difficulty of the spell, it can
>	regain power quickly or slowly, sort of a spell level. As a
>	rough guideline, every X seconds (X being the level the spell
>	is currently gained at) you regain your intelligence or wisdom
>	rating in the skill for that spell. 

IOW a character who knows 20 spells can wnder into a battle, let fly
with all 20 spells, and then walk out a magically battling idiot.  If
he knew of 5,000 spells prior to entering the battle, he could let fly
with all 5,000 before being rendered magic-less.  

While not a problem depending on your world model, I see a value in
rendering the actual activity of magic as a controllable resource.

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