[MUD-Dev] Level abstractions - Realism vs Game Issues

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>On Sun, 29 Jun 1997, Jon A. Lambert wrote:

>> Yeppers.  I like this idea.  Once you know the "Fireball" spell it takes
>> a bit of skill to control or direct it.  I think it makes the spell 
>> system richer.  Sure you can cast a lightning bolt, but "how well" can
>> you cast it?  Can you reliably hit anything with it?  Shouldn't it be
>> possible for that fireball to explode 10 ft. from you?  Magic should
>> be dangerous business, IMO. :)    

>Yup. Also, any mage can cast any spell (assuming it doesnt require a
>"specialty" which can only be got after level 10). However, a mage
>with a poor fire-magic skill will almost certainly explode. 

As mentioned earlier I'm attempting to implement a general underlieing
rule in the game world:

  Causing any effect within the game increases your own liability 
  to have that same effect created on you.  

The biggie here for magic is: cast a lot of fireballs on others, and
you become increasingly subject to being hit by fireballs.  Cast a lot
of magical protection, and your own magical protections work better. 
Etc.  This will of course be unstated.  Mostly I've been thinking
about doing this by manipulating probability fields, but I'd really
like to make it a direct tie-in.

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