[MUD-Dev] Level abstractions - Realism vs Game Issues

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>> From: Matt Chatterley <root at mpc.dyn.ml.org>
>> Spells also rely on skills (basic casting, offence/defence, and elemental
>> strands, as well as a couple of others, from which a spell uses 2-3). The
>> skills don't go up/down with use in this way, but it's possible that an
>> individual skill may have an effect on them, and I'm also considering a
>> sort of "temporary decay" during times of exhaustion, not sure on that.
>Yeppers.  I like this idea.  Once you know the "Fireball" spell it
>takes a bit of skill to control or direct it.  I think it makes the
>spell  system richer.  Sure you can cast a lightning bolt, but "how
>well" can you cast it?  Can you reliably hit anything with it? 
>Shouldn't it be possible for that fireball to explode 10 ft. from
>you?  Magic should be dangerous business, IMO. :)    

One of the aspect I also have in here for magic is the possibility
that a spell will not only fail, or mis-direct, but may backfire. 
Thus a failed fireball spell may actually create the fireball, but aim
it at you.  Other variations are strength of fireball, correct target
of fireball, range of fireball, diameter of fireball ("A huge ball of
slightly warm and humid air rushes toward you!") etc.  More or less I
try and look at any force or exertion by a player as pushing against a
rubber-band.  You might not push hard enough, and it might snap back
the other way instead...

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