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>> <<Diplomacy: A game that fascinates me, but also one I've never gotten
>> to play.>>
>Try <http://www.csn.net/~mhand/DipPouch/> for a more info.  A couple
>of years ago I was involved in 8 email games at a time.  I've cut it
>back to  just 1 at a time.

Yeah, I just need something to get me started first.  I've read the
rules, but never found a group to play with.  

>> >> A simple model:
>> >> 
>> >>   Player characters can award each other "rank points" (RP).
>> >> 
>> >>   Each player character is given (free) 1RP per day.
>> >Surely this must be at least 2RP per day.  One for Boffo and one for
>> >Bubba.  Player characters might not want to keep all their eggs in
>> >one basket.  
>> That's a possible extension.  But in essence it really just multiplies
>> all the values by two.  I'd be more interested in rolling into the
>> gradated RP earnings as I just posted to JeffK.  (Tho I suspect the
>> one RP per hour limit needs accellerating)
>Yes I like this better.  Of course you could tie it into character
>levels. *wink* 


<run screaming for the hills>

>Whoa!  Hang on.  I see a whole cluster of skills related to
>modification or maintenance of RPs!  

>Pulling out the book of rolemaster (read - my mind is suddenly

I thought we all agreed that you need that that RoleMaster book was
bad for the brain?

>While some of these have other applications.  I can see some of these
>having influence on single NPCs and masses of NPCs (simpeeps?, see

>Influence skill category.
>   Bribery...a single NPC
>   Duping...both single and masses of NPCs
>   Interrogation.. hmm maybe not - just thought I list them all
>   Leadership...the masses 
>   Propaganda...the masses 
>   Public Speaking...the masses
>   Seduction...a single NPC 
>   Trading...both single and the masses

I could see swaying the tendencies here on the basis of fame and power
(ie # of RP's).  Betty the ditzy secretary is totally wow'ed by Bubba
the grunt with his 320 RP's -- he must be some kinda man to have that
many RP's, some sorta big shot sugardaddy or summit.

>> >Q. Are there any other ways to obtain RPs and still keep the pool
>> >relatively fixed?
>> NPC's?

>Perhaps another use for Wout's rolled up population-in-a-box.  Did
>Nathan mention this already (no matter)  The power of the Simpeep
>might make its  presence felt.  And of course individual heavyweight
>NPCs throwing their  influence around.  Sphere's of influence need to
>be defined.  The Athens  simpeep would have no influence into Sparta. 
>Perhaps this "sphere of  influence" is a neighborhood (see that other

Atehns should have influence into Sparta -- think trade, espionage,
indirect influence, politics, etc.  You think the US President has no
effect on British policy?  The strength of the effect would be
dependant on on the number of ties between the areas, and the length
of time those ties have existed, and the actual net worth (value?)
propagated or accrued because of those ties.

>More question(s): How does one influence NPCs or simpeeps-in-a-box?
>It would seem to boil down to some level of character "visibility"
>with the peeps.  It may be fame, reputation, etc; Both good and bad.


>With the NPCs, if you store reaction info about the last n'
>encounters, the NPC may have enough info to pick a favorite. 
>Successful execution of special skills above might factor into the

I think a weghted scale is needed:

  High value interactions persist (are remembered) for longer.

  Continuous interactions with the same character re-inforce and build
a net value (eg Bubba always helps me, Boffo s always a drag) -- think
LRU cache with a popularity stat.

Next make two logs, one for short term, and one for long term.  The
long term one tracks tendancies and forms the basis for the short term
copy.  The short term copy is what's worked off in practice.  The size
of the short term log as balanced against the refresh rate of the long
term logn -> short term log defines how consistent and predictable vs
influencable a character is.  A character with a short short term log
and frequent updates will tend to be lead and influences by the last
person to interact wignificantly with them.  Conversely a large short
term log and infrequent updates will lead to a more stolid and
determined character.

>Sidenote: I don't like the idea of voting booths..Alien to my game
>world. How might one spend these RPs?  Through just allocating them?

Just make them a trade token, "I'll give you XXX RP's if you YYY."

>I would still start with a fixed pie in a given "sphere of influence"
>or neighborhood.  Initially the game would have NPCs occupying these
>positions. Addition of player RPs as variable pieces of the RP pie.
>The NPCs would of course use their own RP points from the position to
> maintain control.  Perhaps NPC programs could be entirely devoted
>toward  maintaining RPs.  Make the balance of power flow naturally
>toward NPCs,  if player involvement is not maintained.
>I think there is a real simple stable equation lurking in here.


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