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>One implied point seems to be that your goal is to write your MUD
>system, rather than to write something that supports your MUD system
>and others. For me, the implied goal was a bit different - I wanted
>to write a system for writing MUDs, and then write a MUD using it.

Quite.  I enjoy playing MUDs, but nowhere near as much as I used to
(or as often).  For me the greatest joy in the list is in attempting
to design and hammer out a system which can do the types of things I
like to imagine.  The fact that I'm months of 80hr weeks behind on
getting the code up to date with the current design view is beside the
point.  The design is the real delight and the real beauty.

Ehh, Okay, I'm a dreamer and its not pragmatic, practicle, or even
ever finished, but then its the process of striving for the goal which
is enjoyable, not the acheivement of the goal -- for then you have to
elect a new goal, and sooner or later the system runs out of goals.

>I've always been a tool maker for games for some reason - I guess
>I've always imagined lots of other people jumping in and writing good
>games for *me* to play. Of the roughly half-dozen such systems I've
>done, only one, an adventure game system on the univerity's old
>mainframe, ever really got used that way.

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