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Fri Jul 11 00:44:39 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

>It depends on the game crowd you aim at, I suppose. I recently settled
>(rather heavy handedly, admittedly) a debate among some of my wizards,
>over whether or not the following situation should be permitted:
>A healer type character to sit in a central location and heal someone all
>day for their 'exp' (meaning: their method to progress, whatever it be).
>Personally I see no debate here - of course it should, but with sensible
>restrictions. You can't get good at anything but healing (and perhaps
>dealing with people) by doing this!

Or if not, there should be reasons built into the strucvture of your world
why its not a good idea.

I basicly agree.  As long as someone is not directly and seriously
impacting the intended purpsoe of the environment they should be free to be
as creatviue as they want in how they react to and deal with it.

If they find a hole in your logic and exploit it then plug the hole.

>This also ties into activities such as fishing, and crafts. Of course, it
>should be possible, but it could get quite boring if the player does it
>literally. Fishing is actualy an exception if you get onto deep sea
>fishing - pirates and such.

Well these are the kidsn of things Im encouragign players  in oru design to
do. They cant be iron miners, or even weaponsmiths (yet, it may change when
we add AD&D proficiencies) btu they CAN make money escorting caravans or
even organizing their own.  These caravans of course though get attacked,
which is why peoepl liek them are needed...

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