Docs uploaded

Chris Gray cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA
Mon Jul 14 21:50:04 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

As I promised a few weeks ago, I have finally uploaded the V1.1
documentation for my AmigaMUD system. It can be ftp'ed from:	 /pub/cg/MUD/AmigaMUD/Doc.tar.Z

This archive includes the instructions on playing within the scenario,
programming within the AmigaMUD system, and programming within the
scenario. I hope you will find it somewhat more complete and detailed
than the usual MUD programming docs. The delay has been in updating the
MUDText TCP/IP agent (and its docs) to handle as many different clients
as possible.

I went and got the TinyFugue client, and made things work with it (not
at the server yet). The only other client that I know of
is tintin. Anyone know where I can get it, and/or any other common UNIX
MUD clients? TinyFugue uses either the telnet GA command or the telnet
END-OF-RECORD command for marking prompts, and I've supported that, but
I'm interested in seeing if any other clients want additional support.

Chris Gray   cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA

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