[MUD-Dev] META: Making the list public?

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Tue Jul 15 22:47:56 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On 15/07/97 at 09:31 PM, Cynbe ru Taren
<cynbe at laurel.actlab.utexas.edu> said:

>| For a variety of reasons and with considerable encouragement I'm
>| considering taking the list public.

>Presumably meaning a decline to normal signal to noise
>ratios.  *sigh*  

Be assured that I will, if anything, take an even harder line than I
have to date on preserving the high signal rate.  As I have stated
afore:  This list is *NOT* an email equivalant of the r.g.m.*
newsgroups.  This list is *not* a public resource.  It is a private
offering which I make available on my own oft stated terms to the
community.  Abuse it, and lose it.  Care for it, and keep it.

My currently intended policy:

  1 infraction == direct email warning
  2 infractions within fortnight == public warning on list.
  2 infractions within week == desubscribed from list.
  3 infractions within week == banned from list for week.
  4 infractions within month == banned from list for month.
  5 infractions within 2 months == banned from list for year.

Dependant on the severity of the problem and the prior good/bad
behaviour of the individual in question, the above scale may be
relaxed or accellerated as applicable.  At the rough end heads need to
be put on a pike as of step one. not step five.  OTOH I'm willing to
overlook slips by otherwise well valued members.

My first priority is the achievment of the list's purposes (incl
survival and success of the list).  Part and parcel of that is keeping
the signal to noise ratio high.  

Definition of infraction:

  Any action or post which I judge suficciently counter to the success
or signal to noise ratio of the list, or which runs counter to the
definition of the list topic as defined periodically on the list or in
the list welcome message.

>This is the only major mailing list I've been able
>to justify staying on for this long.

My goal is for the larger character of the list to remain unchanged. 
My own primary concerns on going public:

  1) How much I'm going to have to moderate.

  2) How much that moderation will detract from the list as a whole.

  3) How many mail missiles will slip by (ie moderation after the

  4) How long it will take to establish the "list culture" in the new

>Ah well.  Life goes on :)

Yeah.  My current idea is to gradually start adding a few new guys
with the common understanding that the list will go public at a known
date in the future (say 3 months from now).  Get them settled in, and
then publicise the list.  For the first month make the subscription
process by application only (prospective member has to state why he
wants to be on the list).  By the second or third month, depending on
how it goes, make membership open.

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