[MUD-Dev] META: Making the list public?

Michael Hohensee michael at sparta.mainstream.net
Tue Jul 15 23:56:19 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:
> Writing as List Owner:
> For a variety of reasons and with considerable encouragement I'm
> considering taking the list public.  Mainly this will consist of
> advertising it in r.g.m.announce and setting up a supporting web page.
> I'm interested in arguments for, against, and surrounding this motion.
> I'm especially interested in concerns, predicted problems, or possible
> ideas for heading off problems.
> A)  Should the archives be requestable or browsable by non-members?
> Note that this effectively makes ever poster's email address open.
> B)  Should the list be echoed (one way) to a newsgroup?  If it is
> echoed to a newsgroup should that group be a private group on a
> private newsserver, or should I create a moderated alt.mud.development
> group?

That's a good idea.  We could echo our stuff to the newsgroup, and leave
the newsgroup public.  That way, the list stays the way it is for ppl
who don't want to see usenet spam, and the public gets to see and talk
about what we churn out.  Might be interesting.

> E) How should new membership be handled?

I'd leave it the way it is.  

--Michael Hohensee	michael at sparta.mainstream.net
"If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door."
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