META: Making the list public?

S001GMU at S001GMU at
Wed Jul 16 09:32:16 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

been a bit quiet for a while (it's amazing what breaking up with a long time GF
can do to a guys time/energy level), but this topic caught my eye.  :)

My only wish, if we do go public, is to keep the subscription method the same
as it is now.  By doing that, I think we can avoid most of the nastiness
mentioned in previous posts.  Keeping on top of this list is quite a bit of
work (have to clean my mailbox out and archive things about once a week, or
I'll run out of disk space!), and well worth it now.  I'd hate to have to start
filtering out noise messages, on top of everything else.  it would greatly
decrease my interest in the list.


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