[MUD-Dev] META: C&C and Event Rescheduling

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Wed Jul 16 13:05:12 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

In <33C69FC6.41C67EA6 at iname.com>, on 07/11/97 
   at 02:07 PM, Shawn Halpenny <malachai at iname.com> said:

>I've been toiling with a lockless database model that (from what I've
>seen on here) is similar to JCL's.  I would repost the definitive
>articles but I don't seem to have them kicking around (is it possible
>to automatically get an archive?).

Interesting idea.  The archives are monthly, large, and are currently
available by direct request (email me at coder at null.net).  I could see
doing one of a few things: 

  1) Auto-send each month's archive to all members as the month ends. 
This is likely to be unpopular due to the archive's size, especially
as list traffic grows.

  2) Run a seperate subscription list for being sent the archives each
month.  This is simplest for me.

  3) Make the archives available on the upcoming web site with its
associated concerns on exposing email addresses (see the thread on
making the list public).

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