[MUD-Dev] META: Making the list public?

Huibai ashen at pixi.com
Wed Jul 16 20:26:33 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

*note* : I'm currently studying the philosophic dialogues,
  as written by Plato, between Socrates and the sophists,
  so the following ideas are my musings coming from there :)

From: clawrenc at cup.hp.com et al.:
:>Allowing the public freely into such an environment would
:>certainly cause problems 

then perhaps allowing the environment into the public?

: I'm looking a publicising the list while keeping
: membership closed/invitation only.

instead of echoing the emails into a group as they come,
have someone (volunteer, or listowner/archive-maintainer)
echo a few posts per week to rgmm and/or rgma.  given
that this volunteer(s) would have enough time, i think that
identities could be conveniently ensconced and the text
itself could be livened by combining several posts from one
archived topic into a single article presented as a dialogue.

not necessarily a Mr. Right vs. Mr. Wrong dialogue, but
'Bubba and Binky chat about Rtrees' could be amusing.
i would be willing to throw together an example or two on
integration of playstyles and ease of user interface, as
submissions to the list to get a general OK to post it to
the rgma or wherever.  (i only glance at rgm* and none
others...can someone recommend any decent groups?)

presented as a [fictitious] dialogue by a single poster,
that would help to hide the fact that the points are being
generated by a discussion list.  it would throw something
into the public for open comment (hopefully to start some
threads in those 'threadbare' groups - bad pun eh?*grin*).

i think anyone *really* interested in the discussed dialogue
but not interested in posting to the group, would then chat
to the poster of the dialogue, naturally.  as long as the
poster of the product to the public forum is one of the more
longer-term members of this list, then the poster would be
considered a good enough judge of whether to invite the 
interested party to the group or neglect to mention the list.

damn, i'm nearly incoherent after class :) *beg forgive*
-John G.

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