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Niklas Elmqvist croziys at
Mon Jul 21 12:18:25 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Greetings, Designer Denizens,

Niklas Elmqvist speaking. Martin Keegan, who invited me to this list, told
me that it was customary to introduce oneself after having observed the
activity on the list for a while. Well, here's my little bio.

First, on the personal side, I am currently entering a computer science
course on the technical university of Gothenburg, and hope to graduate in 4
and a half years. Before this, I have just finished my military service as
well as working as a system administrator on the army garrison.

As you may surmise, one of my main interests in life is the science and art
of designing MUDs. Although my introduction to MUDs and MUDding lies not
very far back in time (early 1995), I have always been an avid fan of
computer game design and have a few "conventional" games under my belt. When
I came across DUMII of Sweden I finally found a medium which was a perfect
mix between the fantasy/sci-fi books I loved and the various games I liked
to play on my computer.

Past experiences include early mortalhood on DUMII and AustinMUD, as well as
wizardhood on a few Circle MUDs (*shiver*). Those days are (thankfully)
gone, however, and I currently make up 50% of the firebrand development team
of our very own MUD, a project which temporarily goes under the name
PirateMUD. All I hope for is to keep hacking on Pirate, implementing nice
new features and techniques in the design of the MUD. What do you know,
maybe even PirateMUD will see the light of day on the Internet sometime in
the future?

Well, that was what I had to say about myself. If you, against all odds,
have any further questions about me, then feel free to e-mail about it. And
I would appreciate it if I could get access to the list archives so that I
can get a feel for the "list culture". 

Thank you,

Niklas Elmqvist (Crozius)      | "Thy mission, Roman, is to rule the world;
-------------------------------+  there by thy arts  -- to make peace rule |  among men,  to spare the vanquished  and 
e-mail: croziys at     |  war down the proud." - Virgil

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