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In <33D15F18.44C00741 at sparta.mainstream.net>, on 07/19/97 
   at 05:51 PM, Michael Hohensee <michael at sparta.mainstream.net> said:

>I had considered trying to write it for X windows, but then balked
>when I discovered that Motif costs something like $150.  

You don't need Motif to do an X application.  Motif gives a certain
set of pre-defined widgets and window primitives.  There's absolutely
no requirement for it however.  Heck do Athena or one of the other
popular free-ish widget sets, or work from the base primitives on up.

You may also want to look at www.cheapbytes.com, and the links off
www.caldera.com leading to the Linux NextStep window manager clone
(forget name).

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