Multi-threaded programming under Linux

Greg Munt greg at
Tue Jul 22 18:15:25 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

(Referring to a threaded mud implementation)

> Linux pthreads is pretty poor atm.  I spent a couple of weeks finding out
> loads about the threads library - it opens up all sorts of cool
> possibilities, but it would be more hassle than it was worth - the
> pthreads library is not stable, libg++ is not thread safe, as are the io
> functions in libc.... The list goes on.  On top of all this, you have to
> take the added precautions that all multithreaded programs must have - eg
> the database would have to support locking, checking, etc.

I always thought Nathan was working with gcc. And I'm *sure* Physmud++ is 
threaded - isn't it?

Any comments on the above? I would really like to start with threads, 
rather than decide to rewrite nearly everything at a later date; but 
would it be more hassle than it's worth?

Those who have a threaded server, what OS/dev tools are you using? Is 
Linux currently the wrong choice for anything serious in this area?

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