[MUD-Dev] Multi-threaded programming under Linux

Alex Oren alexo at bigfoot.com
Wed Jul 23 10:25:47 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Jon A. Lambert wrote:

} > From: Nathan Yospe <yospe at hawaii.edu>
} > Subject: [MUD-Dev]  Multi-threaded programming under Linux
} > On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, Jon A. Lambert wrote:
} > 
} > :For Linux there is the ACE package at: 
} > :<http://users.deltanet.com/users/slg/ACE/>
} > 
} > :It is well organized and documented.  I have not used it on Linux however.
} > 
} > It is also huge, and unfortunately, not very modular. Portability is a
} > huge advantage, though
} A good point.  It encapsulates a whole lot of unrelated functions under
} one umbrella.  You can't just choose bits and pieces of it, you must
} wear the entire ACE raincoat.  And considering the Win32 port rests 
} upon the MFC monster, it was a non-starter for me.

Based on MFC???  Belch!
Any decent alternatives for Win32?

} The ACE source and 
} documentation are certainly worth reading in designing your own classes.
} The exposed interfaces are well designed and thought out.


Have fun,

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