[MUD-Dev] Multi-threaded programming under Linux

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Wed Jul 23 17:00:53 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

In <01ILJLWZYT4290S4DV at nova.wright.edu>, on 07/22/97 
   at 01:53 PM, S001GMU at nova.wright.edu said:

>I'm also quite interested in any comments ppl have about using Linux

I'd suggest getting on the various Linux Dev mailing lists and asking
there.  Things can change pretty rapidly in the Linux world, and
they'd likey be on top of things.

Actually I'm interested myself here.  I just bought an Alpha
workstation for home with the idea of putting Linux/Alpha on it and
using it to host the list webs site etc...and possibly porting my
server to Linux....(and/or using it to host an Island reincarnation?). 
I should take delivery some time this week...(drool).

<<Ooops.  I didn't really code here for a 64bit platform.  This could
get messy.>>

>...need that ole' Threads 101 book..

Never found a good threads book.  The school of hard knocks classes on
threads and thread-safe programming does wonders for your mental
capacity, hair loss, and probability of early onset of senility.  

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