[MUD-Dev] Motivating people

Chris Gray cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA
Thu Jul 24 19:16:04 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

[Greg M:]

:Am I expecting too much?

My inexperienced view says "yes and no". What we've seen on this mailing
list is that activity comes and goes. It depends on who is interested
in what, and what the current topics are. Delays while people catch up
can (due to queueing theory stuff no doubt!) result in peaks and valleys
of traffic. Discussion needs to be seeded. Chris L. does that every now
and then, but really, others of us ought to do that too. I might be able
to once I finally get my release out, and can think about other things,
but my interests don't necessarily coincide with those of others on
the list, and I'm certainly not as subtle as Chris L is!

So, I would say that if you want activity on your mailing list, you're
going to have to find something that interests the list members, and
start a discussion - something a bit controversial, but not too much so.
And no, its not going to be easy, and all your effort could be for
nothing if you don't get lucky in your topic and handling of it.

Chris Gray   cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA

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