[MUD-Dev] Multi-threaded programming under Linux]

Michael Hohensee michael at sparta.mainstream.net
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Orion Henry wrote:
> Hrmmm,
>         I am neck deep in trying to get LinuxThreads to work
> at my Job.  They seemed to function fine until I put them to
> some serious stress testing.  If anyone else has LinuxThreads
> on their box I'd appricate it if they could compile and run
> this little bit.  I have no way of knowing if this is the
> thread package messing up or if its something else totally
> unrelated (like me having the wrong libs)
> If this DOES run on someone elses machine please let me know
> what spec you are running with.
> I am running Redhat linux 4.2
> I am runnign binutils 2.8.1
> and have glibc 2.0.4 (aka libc 6.0.4 I think)
> and I have gcc
> heres the code
[Code snipped]

I've got the same system, yet I can't even get it to compile.  Did you
have to get around any warnings like: undefined reference to

Michael Hohensee

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