[MUD-Dev] Motivating people

Greg Munt greg at uni-corn.demon.co.uk
Mon Jul 28 18:18:20 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Sun, 27 Jul 1997, Jon A. Lambert wrote:

> I am confused on one point.  Is the list server the primary exchange 
> point for those developing your mud as well as this other mud you have
> severed ties with?  If so, this would seem to be very counter-productive
> and the political strife would continue to be a source of problems.

The list is solely for the development of my game. Everyone and anyone is 
welcome to subscribe (including those involved in the running and 
development of the other mud), but anything other than game and web 
design issues is considered noise.
> It might be better to run your own development list.  In addition 
> Hubai's (John G.) suggestion seems rather good.  

I suggested that due to apathy, I was considering shutting Frontiers 
down. 'Amusing' replies such as

"I'm not saying anything :)"

were received, and I went on a major bender, explaining precisely why I 
thought Frontiers should/shouldn't stay open. It is probably worth 
pointing out that only the non-apathetic subscribers have bothered to 
post anything in that thread.

> Another problem may
> be that if your player base and/or staff consists of former players and
> staff on the ex-mud, they may not share the same vision as you do.
> "The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend" or something like
> that.  I think you have written some insights that this might be the 
> case.

This is definitely the case. They want a 'better-run TCZ' (the other 
mud is called 'The Chatting Zone') rather than Frontiers.

> One thing you could do that may be helpful.  Prepare a detailed vision
> statement (mission statement, if you like) on both your vision of the
> server's capabilities and the game/mud theme.  (Warning: see the movie
> "Jerry Mcguire" for worst case side-effects *grin*)
> Make it a very visible item and primarily YOUR vision.  

This is a major problem :) I want the game to be attractive to all player 
types (using Bartle's JOMR paper as a model - have any other similar 
studies been made in this area?), so how, how, how can I delimit the 
scope of this? There is also the danger of the thing becoming 'four muds 
in one' rather than a single world... 
> I happen to believe design by committee is a very difficult task and made 
> even more difficult using specification by committee.  

Too true. My violent opposition to the pseudo-democracy of TCZ was one of 
the major reasons for my removal from its administration. Hence the 
'Corrupt Dictator' label... :)

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