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Tue Jul 29 08:11:23 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Writing as list owner:

Some of you have sent me private email noting that your posts didn't
seem to have made it to the list.  At this end I've been receving a
lot of bounced mail from almost all of you.

It turns out that Network Services, the guys that are in charge of the
world-wide top level domains (things like .com, .edu, .nl, etc)
screwed up and corrupted the top level name servers.  The result is
that a **LOT** of mail not only bounced, but got lost:

  Mail on its way to from
  Can't resolve .com, let alone  
  Can't resolve ,net, let alone to bounce back to.
  Throw up hands, mail gets lost.
  Swear loudly.

A lot of people are *very* pissed off.  I'm one, but there's not a lot
I can do about it.  

If you sent a post to the list and never saw it echoed back to you,
please repost it.  If you are concerned about dupes, please email me
directly at coder at or claw at and I'll check at this end
to see if it made it to this list and just didn't make it back.  

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