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Nathan Yospe yospe at hawaii.edu
Tue Jul 29 11:40:53 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

To interject a new topic of discussion...

Some of you have markup languages... I have one myself, but I am seriously
thinking of replacing it. What I am concerned with is this - I want to be
able to switch from running a text game to a graphical game of whatever
sort without difficulty. To this end, I no longer pass any real text
around... instead, I create information objects, which can key stored text
(out of a database) or stored graphics, stored hyperlinks, etc. What is
transmitted to the client is negotiated at login, and the server daemon
(not the mud) resolves, for example, text from info objects to pass to a
raw telnet client. What I am wondering is, do any of you have anything
remotely similar to this, and if you do, are you willing to discuss
technical details of it?

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